Amazon Go Launched World’s Most Advanced Shopping Supermarket

The online sales giant, Amazon , recently opened the doors to the public of its smart supermarket: Amazon Go. It is the first fully automated store, and is located in the city of Seattle in the United States.

The general idea of the Amazon supermarket , is a store to which users can freely access, in which there is no human staff , so self-service becomes a totally literal concept.

There are many sensors that digitally detect the amount of existing products. Buyers must download the Amazon Go application to their phones and with it they will have access, at the same time their bank accounts are linked to make the payments.

Although Amazon had commented that it would open the store in 2017, had certain difficulties that delayed the launch. Among which were found that the system worked well with few users buying, but when the demand was increased, the system had errors in charging and to detect the amount of products in existence, so they spent almost a year training the system in the idea of ​​reducing errors as much as possible.

For the time being, the smart supermarket will have some members of staff, to attend to any eventuality in terms of collections and rectify the quantities of products on the shelves, until you are sure that the automation is fully functional.

This could be the beginning of fully automatic stores, but at the same time a level of culture and civility on the part of the users is required, in order to operate properly. Are we ready for stores of this type?

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