Arya Stark Revealed the Release Date of #GOTS8

Game of Thrones is one of the most acclaimed series by the audience. And after a very good, although eventful, seventh season ; the fans can not wait any longer to have new chapters. But they will have to do it.

For months it has been known that the new season would arrive in 2019 and that the wait would be long. However, HBO did not provide further details, such as the exact date . But luckily, Maisie Williams talked about it.

When the eighth season of Game of Thrones Release

In the beginning, Sophie Turner would have pointed out that the filming of the season would end in the summer of 2019. That did not give hope to see her very soon.

However, Maisie has declared in an interview with Metro that the recordings will end in December of this year; allowing the premiere of the first chapter in April 2019. It’s still a lot, but it could be worse.

We still do not have more details like the exact day of the premiere; but it is almost a fact that we are practically one year away from it.

The actress also asked the fans to be patient, because they are trying to make a season to the fullest of their abilities because their audience deserves it. And of course, that’s not a quick process.

Undoubtedly, the long wait of the eighth season of Game of Thrones is making the fans have their expectations higher and higher . Hopefully They will get to fulfill them.

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