Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 2018

You are ready for the arrival of good weather. You have found new shorts and T-shirt in the sales, polished the shoes and prepared your new playlist. But do you already have a headset to run?

How To Choose suitable wireless bluetooth Headphones for Running?

Choosing a suitable model should not be very difficult. In fact, it is enough to be clear about some basic concepts. After all, we must be very clear that it is not about listening to music on the train, but doing a physical activity that imposes a series of demands that go beyond the costumes.

Make sure they are lightSony-MDR-AS210B

Headphones can provide an acoustic quality worthy of the most demanding audiophiles, but when it comes to comfort, you may need to leave them for when you travel by plane or want to listen to music at home. The reality is that they weigh, and that suspended mass will move and bounce with each step you take.

While it is possible that at first a headset headphones are comfortable, when your careers go from five to thirty minutes you will realize that the only thing they do is hinder. That’s why our recommendation is that you buy good ear buds or in-ear headphones. The concrete type already admits more variables.

Above all, look for comfortable and count with silicone sleeves if possible, since the grip on the ear and the resistance to movements are fundamental factors. The last thing you want is to lose one just go out!

A good model at an affordable price is the Sony MDR-AS210B , which have some rings to attach to the ear and are very economical thanks to the use of the typical cable. As a wireless alternative we offer you the Energy Sistem Earphones Sport 1.

Do not forget: this is going to Sweatplantronics backbeat fit

Another factor in favor of earbuds is the fact that you are going to sweat. A lot. Headband headphones are not only heavier, but usually have fluffy cups that tend to pick up moisture.

Fabric and foam are easily soaked, while leather tends to decompose. Before you know it, they’ll be peeled and smelly. Exactly like the feet of a rookie at the beginning of the year.

That said, there are also external headphones and headband for athletes. We are talking about specially resistant models with specific fasteners to prevent them from falling during the exercise. They are suitable for people who do not want to put the earphone in their ear and prefer a more spaced sound.

This type of models are not as usual as before, but there are still worthy representatives such as the Panasonic RP-HS47E-W . With a price of 9 euros, they are also quite economical and very suitable for beginners who do not plan to stop mid-race to make some burpees .

Are you looking for the highest quality and do not like cables? So keep an eye on Plantronics ‘ excellent BackBeat Fit.

Better a Bluetooth headset or with cables?running headphones with cables

Whether you exercise in the park or if you do conditioning sessions in the gym, the absence of cables is always an option to consider.

It is true that this type of headphones require charging, but it may be preferable to having to deal with tangled cables and pulls.

If in addition to running in the street you make machines , surely you will already be familiar with this problem.

Cables tend to get stuck anywhere and end up on the floors, and can separate directly from the headset itself if you use a low quality model.

With this said, there is an undeniable fact, and that is that Bluetooth technology does not yet provide the acoustic quality of the cable. This is because the bandwidth of this wireless technology forces the compression of the signal to send it from the phone or media player to the headphones, something that is unavoidable today.

Is this compression very noticeable? It depends on our hearing, the music we listen to and the environment. Also of the attention that we pay to the songs.

There are many variables that we can consider arrived at this point. And at the moment of truth, the truth is that the acoustic quality is more determined by the type of handset (internal or external) and by the quality of the driver , particularly if we want something to run.sports bluetooth headphones

If you are thinking of buying headphones that can be used for running but at the same time provide high quality sound for when you listen to music on the bus or when you are at home, a Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision can be an excellent travel companion.

If you have come to the conclusion that your life is simpler without cables , the Sony MDR-XB50BS will help you to train without fear of throwing the headphones to the ground when you advance your arms more than they should.

You want them to listen to Music, not CarsNoise Reduction headphones

London cities are among the noisiest in Europe. This is an inevitable fact. The traffic and the narrowness of the streets have a lot to see, so it may be advisable to look for a headset with some type of noise reduction if you are one of those who pay attention to music for something more than setting the pace.

The most common technology for reducing noise is the use of ultra-dense foam cups such as those found in high-end headband headphones (which we do not recommend), followed by the typical silicone cases. The latter do a good job, although they can not filter out all the noises. Which can be positive or negative, depending on the attention you can (and should) lend to traffic.

If you do not want to know anything about the noise, we recommend a model with electronic noise cancellation . This technology basically emits acoustic waves that cancel external noises through what is technically known as destructive interference.

Currently there are not many cheap button and wireless headphones that incorporate noise cancellation, so the Sunstech Wavepods are an option to highlight. Because of their true wireless conception , they are also especially suitable if you are looking for something small to go on a trip.

If, on the other hand, we seek to filter undesirable noises without totally canceling the ambient sound, the solution is to look for a good model with silicone covers. The Vieta Pro VHP-SB330BK are recommended, since in addition to being wireless they offer a careful ergonomics that favors their fixation to the ear. They cost 24 euros.

Hands-free, that indispensable function of the headphones for running

Ideally nobody will cut us off during a race. And there are few things that give a drop of endorphins larger than a break in the middle of the race. However, it is inevitable that sooner or later someone will call us when we least expect it , so our recommendation is that you look for a hands-free headset.

This feature is increasingly common, to the extent that practically all modern Bluetooth headphones incorporate it. If you find a model that does not have hands-free, possibly it is a very low-end product that is not worth it. Discard it.

Which Headphone is Better to Buy?

The growing popularity of sports headphones and the growing disinterest in wired models has led to the appearance of several wireless designs with interesting features.Bluetooth Headphones

The wired Bluetooth headphones are characterized because the left and right drivers (the small speakers of a headset, so that we understand) are linked by a cable.

This provides greater safety during training and allows hanging around the neck. On the other hand, they have a cable that may or may not be entangled depending on how we keep them. A good example would be the X Beats.

The Bluetooth headset headphones are slightly different. They have cables, yes, but they also have controls located in a large flexible piece that greatly facilitates its use. This collar also houses a large capacity battery, so they can have greater autonomy.Neck Band headphones

In addition, they are extremely safe and almost impossible to lose , so they are the favorite choice of athletes who will train with the greatest possible intensity. Undoubtedly, the ideal design for the hardened runners.

On the other hand, necklace models are usually somewhat bulky. There are also fewer models to choose from, since it is a relatively newer and newer design.

Two good recommendations would be the Sony Neck Band and the flexible Skullcandy INK’D , which can be rolled up to carry comfortably in your pocket.

Finally we have the aforementioned true wireless . These earbuds lack any kind of connection between them and bluetooth headphoneeach have an independent battery. Its advantages are its very small size and the fact that its carrying case serves as a charger. This comfort, however, implies that they can be lost more easily. For this reason they are more suitable for people with training less “moved” or seeking a mixed use and little intense.

Due to the technical demands of this type of headphones, they are generally located in the middle and high ranges.

However, there are some other affordable model such as Energy Sistem headphone, which also come with silicone hooks to fix them better to the ear. Another option would be the tiny Motorola VerveOnes.

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