Best Youtube Cams and Equipment for Recording Videos 2018

Today I will tell you and show you the technical side of Youtube channel. I work with this technique almost every day.

Best Cameras for youtube videos

Canon 5D Mark IIIcanon 5d mark III

Let’s start, perhaps, with the working chamber. This is Canon 5D Mark III . Now I shoot almost all of my videos on her, these are all reviews, conversational videos, wherever I am in the frame on the background of a white rack is 5D . This full-frame camera allows you to comfortably shoot in a small room / studio (for example, if you use a camera with an incomplete 600D, 650D, 700D, etc.,

Best vlogging camera 2018

you would have to sit half as far from the camera or use a shorter focal length that can greatly distort the geometry, make more nose, for example). In comparison with my previous camera ( Canon 6D ), the 5D has almost no more effect, there is an output to the headphones to control the sound recording and a million settings.

Canon EOS Mcanon eosm

This is the most compact Canon camera with a sensor like the older models (550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 7D). This is an indispensable thing in the journey. Super picture quality and input for an external microphone, interchangeable lenses, an adapter for any other lenses – it is necessary to take.

Now the third version of this Canon EOS M3 camera has been released , which is available only in the European market and in Japan. The new version now has a rotary screen, a highlight of the focus area, a new matrix and many other nice little things. We have already updated;)

Canon G7Xcanon G7X

One of the most popular compact cameras on Youtube! Most vloggers use this particular model. Super stabilization, a rotary screen and a sufficiently large size of the matrix allow you to shoot excellent taxes both day and night. Very profitable purchase.

Now there is an updated version – the changes are not essential, a smooth control wheel and transferred the connection button to the smartphone. If you need a camera for shooting a tax – then boldly order the G7X! The best camera for a vloggers!

Canon 6Dcanon 600d

Let’s start, perhaps, with the working chamber. This is Canon 6D . On it, I shoot most of the video, it’s all the reviews, conversational videos, wherever I am in the frame on the background of a white shelf – it’s 6D.

This full-frame camera allows you to comfortably shoot in a small room / studio (for example, if you use a camera with an incomplete 600D, 650D, 700D, etc., you would have to sit half as far from the camera or use a shorter focal length that can greatly distort the geometry, make more nose, for example).

Canon 650Dcanon 650d

This is a spare or a camera number 2. We shoot additional material on it if necessary. Rotary screen and touchscreen – a very convenient thing for shooting selfi or just for quick control of settings.

This is the first of the Canon SLR cameras where constant AF has appeared during video shooting – the focus works even better with STM lenses.

Canon VIXIA mini X / LAGRIA mimi XCanon VIXIA mini X / LAGRIA mimi X

Excellent camera for vlog and travel. Built-in stereo microphone with very good recording quality and fine tuning of parameters is one of the decisive factors when choosing this camera. Rotating screen, wide viewing angle and stabilization in portrait mode – all you need a modern video blogger! 🙂

Canon 600D

The predecessor 650D, there is no touchscreen and fast permanent auto focus during video shooting. This is one of the cheapest options. Remained for experiments with alternative firmware and as a spare camera. Suitable as a budget option for a novice video 600d

Best Camera Lenses for youtube videos

Canon 50mm 1.4canon 50mm 1.4

All the beauty videos are shot with a CANON 50mm portrait lens. This is one of those lenses that any photographer or videographer should have. With this lens, the picture is called “rings“.

This is one of the most luminous Canon lenses. On the open diaphragm, you can blur the background to obscene.

Canon 24-105mm 4.0 IS Lcanon 24-105mm 4.0 ISL

This is a versatile lens for shooting. The optical stabilizer is just an irreplaceable thing when you shoot a video. This lens usually comes bundled with 6D, but nothing prevents you from buying it separately. A wide angle and small zoom is suitable for shooting any scenes.

I use it to shoot video with makeup tutorials, at any time you can zoom in and show the desired part of the frame in all details and without geometric distortion. It is not necessary to buy this lens, just look at the universal lenses.

Canon 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 IS USM

This is a super zoom with an optical stabilizer. Sport, nature, concerts, architecture, portrait, fashion , reportage, as, for example, in this video with Sonya or in this , on the day of independence.Canon 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 IS USM

TOKINA 11-16mm 2.8TOKINA 11-16mm 2.8

This is a super wide and high-speed lens. You can shoot video and not worry about focus and stabilization. Everything will look great and everything will go into the frame 🙂 An example of how it looks. Still this lens has very recognizable glare from direct sunlight.

Canon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 , Canon 22mm 2.0 , Canon EFS to EFM AdapterCanon 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 , Canon 22mm 2.0 , Canon EFS to EFM Adapter

These are the lenses for CANON EOS M and the adapter for mounting large lenses on this camera (such as listed above). The first one ( Canon EFM 18-55mm ) has an optical stabilizer and will be very helpful when shooting with hands.

The second one is Canon 22mm , wide enough and high-speed for shooting under poor lighting conditions. 22mm is also a very compact “pancake”.

Best Lighting for Youtube videos

This is perhaps the most important thing that you should think about before you start shooting. Of course, you can shoot in front of the window or with the light of ordinary lamps, but a good, high-quality and constant light will greatly simplify this process.

iLED C700RiLED C700R

This is the most compact and simultaneously powerful enough soft box with technology Edge Light. LEDs are located on the perimeter of the disk. The light is multiply reflected within the dissecting material and at the output it is already sufficiently soft and scattered.

Brightness is adjustable in the range of 10-100%. It is possible to work from two batteries type Sony NP. Very compact design, light weight and high-quality light – we are delighted!

1440 LED panel1440 LED panel

We use these LED panels to illuminate the background and to simulate lighting when a compact and very powerful light source is needed. For their cost, these panels work just fine. Very high quality design, adjustable brightness, light weight and size, it is possible to work from batteries.

The only drawback – a very short wire from the power supply to the panel, is decided by the purchase of an extension cable. This video was shot using only LED panels, late in the evening.

Linco floraLinco flora

Specifically, this set of two soft boxes was like us for the ease of installation and quality. Very strong and reliable racks. Light 12 lamps is enough for lighting any scene (6 in each softbox).

It is possible to include only 3 lamps out of 6. Soft boxes are folded into a convenient storage bag. For the lamps we found separate protected cases. Spoklobsy have the form of hexagon, quite large, which adds a beautiful reflection in the eyes.

Best Tripod, Monopods, Slider, Stabilizer for youtube videos

If in the photo technique we are fans of Canon, then in terms of the tripods, our choice is Manfrotto. This equipment is of excellent quality at an affordable price.

The more reliable and qualitative the tripod is made – the less you have problems with shooting. Do not worry about the fact that somewhere something staggers or is badly fixed if you have a good tripod. Now we have Manfrotto 190XB .

For panning and smooth motion the camera needs a good head, for us it’s Manfrotto 128RC2 . It has a very smooth running. Each manufacturer has its own standards for a fast camera fastening system.

Manfrotto has several generations of such systems. For the size of the cameras we use, RC2 is ideal. Additional original dies or their analogs for attaching to a camera or any other equipment can be found on the Internet.

Manfrotto 190XB + Manfrotto 128RC2

Monopod with a ball head, we use for shooting on the street or for a second camera. Using a monopod, you can seriously reduce camera shake and add smoothness to your video. It does not take up much space, quickly decomposes and folds.Manfrotto 290


This monopod from Sony was created for action cameras. We liked it with quality and reliable fastening. We use it with Canon Vixia and Canon EOS M.Sony VCTAMP1

Konova K2 60PKonova K2 60P

If you managed to notice in our videos the smooth motion of the camera as in the movie – this is the merit of the slider Konova. Best quality in its class.

Ball bearings and the overall build quality make it possible to achieve an absolutely perfect slide of the camera. Very nice to use this device.

PilotFly H1PilotFly H1

This is a 3-axis stabilizer from PilotFly . Announced and released for sale in limited parties by a team of enthusiasts. From the alternatives you can find only very complex in the adjustment and calibration of the device, the choice of which is very limited.

For smartphones and GoPro cameras, you can find a lot of alternative solutions , they all work on the same principle, but the quality of work and work can be very different. It is worth reading the reviews and see examples of videos before buying.

Best Microphones for youtube videos

Sennheiser EW 112P G3Sennheiser EW 112P G3

Without good sound there is no good video. A bad picture does not spoil the impression as a bad sound. Now we use the Sennheiser G3 wireless system both for shooting at home and on the street or for interviews.

This is an expensive and better system in its price range. You can pay attention to analogues from Sony, but we recommend to look for used G3 or G2 on eBay. It’s worth it.

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 and Giant SquidAudio-Technica ATR-3350 and Giant Squid

There are many budget options for recording sound. For voice recording, lap-top microphones are best suited. Such a microphone is sensitive in all directions, but in a limited amount, i.e. will record only your voice and the fact that very near it. The noise of the street or the echo of the room will not spoil your video.

We tried a few lapel microphones for all this time. The first was the Audio-Technica ATR-3350 microphone . For its operation, a battery is needed and during the installation it will be necessary to further increase the volume level. Then we had an excellent microphone from Gian Squid .

These microphones are made by one radio amateur. Here is his site. Such a microphone can be directly connected to the camera, without any batteries, and record a very high quality sound. The sensitivity of this microphone is much better than the ATR-3350. This microphone is used in all charges made on Canon EOSM. Now we have a second version of this microphone with a more compact design.

RØDE VideoMic ProRØDE VideoMic Pro

This is the best microphone of this class on the market at the moment. It can be used both for indoor and outdoor filming. Very long runs on a battery type Crohn.

The built-in amplifier will allow you to minimize the distortions introduced by the built-in camera amplifier (you can set the recording level by just a couple of divisions greater than 0), and the low-pass filter will help reduce hum, echo or extraneous noise (wind, crowds, cars).

Audio-Technica AT2020USBAudio-Technica AT2020USB

If you are going to record a podcast or just sound high-quality video (hello ASMR), then you will be pleasantly surprised by this microphone.

On Youtube you can find many reviews of this model and they all come together in one – the sound quality compared to other types of microphones is simply stunning. This microphone will hear all the nuances of your voice.

Best Flash Card, Charger and Webcam For Youtube video Recording


We use the cards of PNY . Very fast and inexpensive. Never failed. In memory cards, the recording speed is particularly critical, which manufacturers usually indicate implicitly. In PNY with this complete order.

Wasabi PowerWasabi Power

Of course, all cameras are sold with rechargeable batteries, but one battery is usually not enough for everything we need.

Original batteries are always preferable, but are too expensive. One of the best alternative battery manufacturers is Wasabi Power.


The more you have different cameras – the more different chargers are accumulating at home and charging each battery with its charging is not always convenient.

Buy yourself one Watson charger and a set of adapters for your batteries and you can check your batteries and charge different types at the same time.

Helpful advice: this device is usually quite expensive, but if you buy it with a set of adapters for not very popular batteries, then it can be found at a price almost two times less than usual. Adapters themselves cost only a few dollars.

Logitech C920Logitech C920

For online broadcasting or videoconferencing, we use the Logitech C920 camera . This is one of the best cameras from Logitech. Autofocus, good sensitivity, Full HD and excellent picture quality.

This is already quite an old model, so it can be bought relatively inexpensively. We have two of them. One of my husband remade for use with conventional lenses, maybe he will make a post about it.

Best Laptop/Desktop system for Editing Youtube Videos

Macbook 12 “Macbook 12 "

My husband got me on the MAC many years ago. Now we have nothing on Windows and never had any desire to return. Macbook is always with me. 12 “- compact and convenient. Internet, video, music, Youtube, mail, documents – Macbook is the perfect tool for this.

In any of my trips he is at hand. Virtually invisible in the luggage. Now I have a model of 2015 and with my tasks he is doing perfectly well. I recommend!

iMac 5K RetinaiMac 5K Retina

Approximately every 2 years we update our iMac. The old one finds his new master safely on eBay or on Craigslist , and the new one takes his place on the table. To say that it is beautiful is to say nothing. Quiet, powerful, beautiful, comfortable.

On the new Retina iMac, editing video is a pleasure. Full HD video, for example, on a 100% scale can easily be placed on the screen and leave a bunch of space for other tools in Final Cut Pro X.

Working with video on this handsome man, you stop distracted by the brakes due to background processing of the video, image stabilization analysis or for a long time exporting the finished material. Of course, with sufficient skill and experience, you can edit the video on any other computer, but first pay attention to the iMac, there are also more affordable 21 models. ”


At what points should be paid attention when choosing a camera or any other equipment, I will try to explain in one of the following posts.

For today, that’s all, all the photos are “clickable”, the post will be updated periodically. Have a nice day! Questions and suggestions should be left in the comments.






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