Best Children’s Online Privacy Protection Guidelines for Parents

Nowadays, fortunately, companies that operate on a digital level offer adults ways to control and protect their children, but there is still not too structured information about them.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Measures and Tools

Learn and prevent

In the first place, parents must exercise their responsibility. It is important to control the use by monitoring and limits but previously parents should be aware that children begin to make profiles in social networks around ten years and many of them without the necessary parental consent, which is mandatory until 14 years.

Before your children start on the Internet it is important to be well informed about what is happening in order to act and educate accordingly, even from the legal side.


It is essential to explain to young people at home the importance of protecting their data well on social networks, which are fundamental channels in which they operate more on the Internet. It is obviously not a definitive tool but without a doubt it is the basis to get your privacy respected. As part of this educational exercise, we must insist on the dangers of contacting strangers from a distance, since this is one of the greatest dangers today.

In a second phase it is advisable to show them how to use the different Internet tools and the information that they can share and above all, which they should not make public under any circumstances. It is important that they see it first hand so that they continue to be aware little by little from the beginning.

Periodic reviews

They will not like it but it is convenient to make a periodic review of the use that the little ones make of social networks. If they are explained beforehand with sincerity that they are going to do and educate themselves well on what are the advantages of the networks, they may themselves willingly share some of the things that come up with you in a natural way. In any case, the revision is a necessary tool and this can also be done by means of a monitoring tool, of parental control at the end of the day.

Do not pay attention only to social networks

The dangers on the Internet are everywhere and privacy can open a door in many ways. Obviously networks are the most important channel, but any type of download is likely to become a problem. So as far as possible we must avoid this type of action, especially downloads of apps from unofficial websites. Teach them from which sites the apps should be downloaded.

Activate parental control

The big serious companies of the Internet business have facilitated different tools of parental control. For example, Google has done this in its Play Store, allowing parents to activate limits so that certain things can not be downloaded. In the case of YouTube, in addition to a content filter there is even a more secure version called Youtube Kids. The same has done Facebook with his Messenger Kids recently .

Configure protection tools

Before the use starts, it is necessary to check that the privacy settings of the different tools are correctly carried out. Be careful because some defects come to be public. It happens even on WhatsApp.

These are just some measures because you can even make some more like linking the smartphone to a Gmail account that is owned by parents or even.

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