8 Easy Ways to Fix Mobile Battery Drain Issues

The mobile phone has become an essential part of people’s daily lives. Within such a small device there are applications that solve all kinds of problems. From mobile banking, GPS, online digital newspapers, sports applications.

The many uses of a phone today makes it almost impossible not to get hold of it, but it also causes the battery to be drain in less time and also have less durability. So how to fix mobile Battery Drain Issues? Thus, there are many who are unaware that there is a series of tricks to make the phone charge last longer.

Tips‘, some not very extended, that will help the load to last and, therefore, last longer its useful life.

Follow these Eight Steps to Fix Mobile Battery Drain Issues

1) Clean the charging port

We clean the screen and even the housing of the phone, but as in all computer components, the ports and entrances are susceptible to dust . The slot for the battery cable can be filled with crap that ends up making it useless, so passing a toothpick or stick from your ears every so often may be a good idea.

2) Use Colorful striking backgrounds

There are many fans of flashy decorations for their phones. From recharged cases, with glitter or dolls, to wallpapers in full color, with favorite drawings or even the family in the best party. Not bad, but the truth is that this intensity in color causes the battery to consume more energy . It is advisable to have a black and white background.

3) Adjust the brightness of the screen

Oddly enough, the brightness of the screen is another of the things that consume more battery. Adjust it to a low level, everything you can, is optimal to keep your phone on all day. By accessing the configuration or settings option, the intensity can be modified on the screen.

4) Reduces the time to screen lockscreen lock

Much of the life of the battery is consumed in the space of time that passes from when you stop typing on the mobile until the battery light goes out.

To configure it you must go to the Settings section > automatic block> select how long or Settings> Display> Turn off> select how long.

6) Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth

Many people do not realize or are used to having all the functions of the phone in use. Wifi or Bluetooth, for example, are two of them and are the things that consume more battery. If you are not using it, there is no reason to have it activated .

The same happens with GPS or screen rotation, other functions that end with all the energy and that is not necessary to have active. In addition, in the case of the first one, it is better not to have it activated with continuity, unless you are going to use the map service, since you will be registered in Google every step you take.

7) Turn of notificationsapps notification

The emergent notifications are another problem when trying to have battery during the whole day. Do you really need to know every time someone comments on Facebook or Instagram ? If you do not have this urgent need, it is best that you deactivate it.

The same goes for apps in the background. Whenever you use one of the mobile phone applications, close it completely. It is consuming battery, but also resources and even internet. To make changes go to Settings> General> Update in the background.

8) Turn off Battery Consuming Apps

Beyond all this, you will be able to know which are the applications and options of the mobile that consume more battery going to the menu of Configuration> General> Use> Use of the battery . In general, social networks consume the most.

Also, if you have a phone with Android operating system you can activate the Energy Saver option found in Settings> Battery Management.

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