Galaxy S9 Plus Camera better than as Compared to Google Pixel 2

The arrival of the Galaxy S9 and the S9 Plus this year has brought more news in addition to a change in screen size. The Galaxy S9 Plus includes a dual camera, with the secondary making telephoto, although otherwise both are very similar. In DxOMark have put their hands on the Galaxy S9 Plus and have put it to the test, although to the relief of Samsung has achieved a grade of 99, surpassing that given to the Pixel 2 , which was 98.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Full Specifications

This scale has no upper limit, so in the next cameras of flagship phones companies should start to exceed 100 points, especially after the summer when the Pixel 3 is presented , or as Google call your next phone.

Looking at the breakdown of the note, in the photo section the Galaxy S9 Plus gets 104 points and in the video 91 points, against the 99 and 96 points of the Pixel 2.

Therefore, when it comes to taking pictures, the Galaxy S9 Plus it takes pictures that are much better than the Pixel 2, even if it lacks when it comes to capturing videos.

Among the pros indicated by DxOMark , it captures very little noise in any light situation, with good details and making the photos very quickly, with good colors and high resolution.

The cons is that from time to time he plays tricks, creating halos in objects or defects in the exhibition. The video camera, although it has good stabilization and color quality, loses quality of detail in most situations.

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