Google knows where you are, EVEN if you Deactivate the Location

If you think that turning off the location of your mobile phone is enough for Google to stop following your trail, you are very wrong. This is revealed by an investigation conducted by the Associated Press, which shows that the search engine continues to know where the user is, even if the location history is deactivated.

According to the study, Google is usually transparent and asks for permission to use user data. An example of this is the Google Maps application that, when accessing it, reminds you that you have to give permission to activate the location. Through the destinations you visit, Google makes a track record to track people. This Location History can be disabled and, as the service support page explains, ” with Location History turned off, the places you go to will not be stored.”

However, the Associated Press report denies Google’s information, which even with the paused history would continue to store location data without permission. This is done by automatic daily updates of weather prediction or by performing searches outside the location . These results have been verified by researchers in computer science at Princeton University.

In case of not wanting Google to follow our trail, AP recommends turning off the tool called Web Activity and App . This action will make your movements not saved in your Google account. Also, you can see the data stored by the company in the web service

These virtual privacy problems affect nearly 2 billion Android devices and hundreds of millions of iPhone users who use the search engine services.


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