Left inter-scapular back pain or more commonly known as left shoulder pain is a contracture of the inter-scapular muscles that have a great tendency to chronicity and that is also very widespread in the population of modern societies.

It can present progressively as a constant dull ache that can worsen in certain postures but very often appears without any previous traumatic or postural factor. On other occasions it can appear abruptly and very intensely but with a limited duration in time (4-6 days), if this problem repeats periodically, the relapses are milder, less intense but end up again in a chronic process, that will end up affecting the left cervical area and left shoulder.

Unfortunately, modern medicine treats this problem in the same way that it treats any other back pain, for example lumbago in an elderly person or torticollis in a young person, that is, with anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxes, analgesics. However, the most intelligent and sensible would be to approach the origin of the problem to achieve a total cure of it.

what is the cause of chronic back pain?

Although the postural attitudes that we adopt in housework or at work (for example sitting in front of the computer), are a factor that aggravates the problem, the real cause is not in the back, since this contracture is often the manifestation of a alteration or irritation of the stomach (although sometimes the stomach does not show symptoms), either by a series of irritating foods for it (coffee, sweet citrus fruits such as orange and tangerine, dairy products, sausages) or caused by stress, especially everything to the labor tensions in those people who find it difficult to disconnect from work and responsibilities.

Treatments for back pain

n addition to stomach (visceral) disorders and their relationship with back pain, rare herniated discs and other causes that can cause back pain, there are muscular causes, for which there is also a variety of treatments, below you can watch different videos with exercises, stretching, self-massage techniques that you can apply without any inconvenience if you suffer from back pain.

Summary of back pain

  • Dorsalgia is characterized above all by interscapular pain that can go up to the neck or arms, that is, in the area between the cervical and lumbar spine.
  • A differential diagnosis must be made because it may be due to visceral, muscular or bone disease.
  • The treatment is mainly based on relieving the pain and working on the cause of the pain so that it does not occur again.
  • The cervical spine is generally involved, resulting from the connection of the dorsal area with muscles such as the trapezius or levator scapulae that have a high tendency to be tense or contracted.
  • The evaluation of myofascial trigger points is essential in cases of back pain.
  • Very effective self-massage and self-stretching treatments can be performed at home, which you will find in the videos on this portal.
  • The treatment for back pain will be satisfactory with the help of a Physiotherapist.
  • Postural habits, prolonged sitting, the mattress and other things or activities of daily life that can generate back pain should be improved.

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