Best Exercises and Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite

We are inside the bikini operation and with it the obsession with cellulite that most women have. To combat it you must know it well and know what is really effective to fight against it.

Exercises and Tips to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is hereditary:

Yes, this is true as it happens with many other things we inherit from our relatives, although we should know that they are not decisive either since diet and lifestyle play a very important role, so if you have antecedents the sooner you start to take care of yourself, the better.

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Cellulite is simply fat:

This is not true, cellulite is a result of poor blood circulation and drainage. Bad circulation usually occurs when you lead a sedentary lifestyle; if you take care of the weight and you keep active the circulation of the blood is activated.
The cellulitis indicates overweight: It is one of the most common myths since more than 80% of women usually suffer from it even thin people and catwalk models.

Cellulite increases with the passage of time:

True, cellulite begins to form when estrogen levels increase at puberty, also remember that cellulite is a degenerative disease. As the years go by we become less active and the skin becomes thinner. Over the years, fat cells become larger, circulation decreases, more fluid is trapped and the effect of wrinkles due to cellulite begins to be more evident.

Water improves cellulite:

This statement is false since it will not fix the situation. But we must take into account that drinking 2.5 liters of water to eliminate toxins and maintain an optimal level of hydration in the skin.

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Exercise improves cellulite:

It will not free you from it but all physical activity improves circulation, eliminates excess fluid and tones the muscles, which leads to a smoother skin regardless of whether we have cellulite or not.

Eating a healthy diet prevents cellulite:

A healthy diet will always be a good idea for any problem we may have, and in this case it is, you will not eliminate it completely but the antioxidants will help you fight the free radicals that are involved in the cellulite and also improve your circulation.

A healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet, sport, and the elimination of toxins, will help us to keep cellulite at bay 😉

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