Right-sided back pain, or as it is commonly called right shoulder pain, is a contracture of the inter-scapular muscles (muscles that are located between the medial edge of the scapula and the spine). Among these muscles we can find the rhomboids major and minor, the fibers of the middle trapezius and lower trapezius, etc.

This pain is characterized by being a dull and constant pain, which increases with certain postures such as sitting in front of the computer or while ironing clothes. But something very interesting is that, by pressing the area of ​​pain strongly with the corner of a wall or something like that until even some kind of damage is done, the pain disappears for a while. The problem is that the pain tends to become chronic and affect the right cervical area and even the right shoulder over time.

What is the cause of DORSALGIA (back pain)?

Although certain postural attitudes can cause more pain and contracture, this is not the real cause, but the symptom. The real cause is the alteration or dysfunction of the liver. We clarify: it is not a liver disease such as cirrhosis, hepatitis, or liver cancer, but simply a malfunction, essentially caused by 2 reasons:

  1. Due to poor diet (due to the intake of foods such as chocolate, milk, fried foods, coffee, sausages, cheese, oranges and tangerines)
  2. Emotional situations, in the case of the liver it is fundamentally stress, tension, anger, frustration or any situation that generates intolerance and difficulty of adaptation in the individual. Watch the following video, which will explain better what we mean:

So what is the treatment for DORSALGIA (back pain)?

First of all, your physiotherapist will structure a treatment that will consist of massages, dry needling, osteopathic manipulations of the dorsal vertebrae and stretching that try to improve the contracture and stiffness in that area. So that you can continue with the treatment at home, we leave you the following video:

Exercises, self-massages and stretching for the treatment of DORSALGIA (back pain)

Here is a video with exercises, self-massages and stretching that you can do at home if you suffer from right back pain.

The instructions are very simple. The video, as you could see, contains self-massage of the dorsal and scapular muscles with a rubber ball, self-massage of the back with a wooden stick, stretching of crossed chains, mobilizations of the scapula with support on the wall and stretching. of the serratus and rhomboid muscles.

But these exercises, self-massages and stretches are not enough. It is necessary to modify the diet and treat the liver with medicinal plants, with the aim of influencing the cause of back pain, which is poor hepatobiliary function. I explain it to you in this video.

Treatment of DORSALGIA (right back pain)

Conventional physiotherapy sometimes does not achieve satisfactory results for right back pain, here I show you the relationship between back pain and hepatic-biliary dysfunction.

A treatment with medicinal plants (those indicated in the video) will help you strengthen your liver, so that stress does not continue to harm it and normal functions can be restored. Finally, it is necessary that you avoid eating the foods that we mentioned above, which impair the normal function of your liver, and that you increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, eggs, legumes, etc. so that the return to normality occurs quickly.

A liver cleanse can also help you recover fast, and get rid of all the accumulated toxins in your body. In the video we also explain how to perform this liver cleanse.

Recommendations if you suffer from back pain

If you suffer from right back pain, you can also perform exercise, stretching and massage routines to treat this interscapular pain, since in physiotherapy among the most used techniques for the treatment of back pain are decontracting massage, stretching, location of trigger points , myofascial therapy, application of heat in the interscapular area to cause relaxation of the muscles and spinal manipulation using high-speed and short-amplitude manual techniques (osteopathy), which will also be used with special relevance in cases of joint block.

Key points

  • Right-sided back pain, or as it is commonly called right shoulder pain, is a contracture of the interscapular muscles, which are muscles found between the medial edge of the scapula and the spine.
  • Among the causes of right back pain we can find: poor diet and negative emotional situations.
  • Treatment of right back pain will consist of massage, osteopathic manipulation, dry needling, and stretching.
  • If you suffer from back pain, it is advisable to start a routine of exercises, massages and stretching, which will be very useful to alleviate the symptoms of this affectation.

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