How to Get Crystal Clear Smooth Glowing Skin, Spotless Skin Tone

One of the biggest keys to having smooth skin is to exfoliate.

We must understand that our skin is an organ that is constantly changing. Your cells are replaced by new ones, so it is very important to remove the old cells that are stuck in the surface area of ​​the skin, be removed to make way for new cells.

Therefore, when we notice rough and dry skin we should think that it is time for exfoliation. The exfoliants are gels with grit, which we must use to wash ourselves. Corporals usually have a thicker grain than facials.

The frequency in which we must exfoliate will depend on each type of skin , but in general it is usually done once a week, although all those who have a tendency to have acne and pimples can do it more times per week.

We must always take special care with the scrub we use since some can irritate our skin, especially we must be careful with the body.

How to Get Smooth Glowing Skin?

1. In the shower The exfoliation in the shower can be done, applying the product with ascending massages in arms and legs and circular in the abdomen, back and buttocks from the shoulders to the feet , chest, belly, thighs, buttocks and legs. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and finish with a cold stream of water.

2. Hydration when leaving By removing the dead layers of the skin, it is perfect to moisturize and absorb the cream. Use a cream preferably without perfumes to avoid irritation. Those of oatmeal, those of carité, avocado or aloe are ideal.

3. Dedicate your time A good option to make an exfoliation of the whole body is to do it the weekend after the gym.

4. Leave yourself in the hands of a professional You can also choose to let the treatment be done by a professional, so you relax and achieve more impactfull results.

5. Combine different techniques You can combine both treatments throughout the year to keep your skin always fine and hydrated.

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