Instantly Eliminates Dark Spots in The Armpits

There are many girls who see a dark spot in the armpits, something that bothers them and do not know how to eliminate, you can leave by waxing, deodorants and so on.

There are a series of home remedies with which to eliminate stains in a very effective and fast way:

Natural bleaching agents

Potato: Cut some slices and rub all over the stained area, remove dead skin cells and rinse. Then it is good to rinse the armpit well and apply a little moisturizer

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Egg oil: Gently massage the egg oil in the dark area and leave it on overnight. The omega 3 that contains this oil promotes the appearance of new skin cells which helps to clarify and soften it.

Stay hydrated: It is very important not to let the skin of the armpit dry, you should try to keep it moist and the best thing for it is to use natural products such as aloe and lecithin.

Exfoliation: Sometimes those spots, can be produced by the accumulation of dead cells, that’s why a good exfoliation can help to fade the dark color of the skin.

Sugar: Mhalf a cup of sugar with three teaspoons of olive oil and apply it on your wet skin 1 or 2 minutes and then you can rinse. Perform 2 times per week.

Bicarbonate: Make a thick paste with baking soda to pass through the skin, then rinse well with warm water.

Bicarbonate with rose water: Prepare a paste with rose water and baking soda. Apply it over the underarm area, wash with water and dry. Do it until you see that the armpits are clear.

Orange: Peel an orange, put the segments in the sun and let them dry. Crush the segments until they are in powder form and make a paste adding rose water and milk. Rub the paste under the arms for 10 or 15 minutes to remove the dead cells and rinse with cold water.

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Pumice stone: Gently removes dead cells from the armpits with a pumice stone. Moisten it and gently rub your armpits.

Milk: Are its vitamins and fatty acids that make it so effective to lighten the skin of the armpits. Make a paste with 2 teaspoons. 1 teaspoon of milk, 1 of cottage cheese and 1 of flour. Apply it on the skin, let it rest for 15 minutes and remove it with water. The skin should feel softer and free of dead cells, which can lighten your armpits.

Vinegar: For a skin with a pleasant smell and a clearer and germ-free appearance, mix vinegar with rice flour to form a paste. Take a warm bath and then apply the paste in the armpits, let it dry for 10 or 15 minutes and then remove it with warm water.

Coconut oil: The vitamin E of coconut oil can help clear up the skin over time. For best results, you should use this oil every day. Before bathing, massage the oil for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the product with soap and water at room temperature. Another benefit of coconut is that it is a natural deodorant.


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