Review: Bahama Mama, Benefit Hoola bronzer and Too faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

I am often asked about which of the three sensational bronzers I would choose: Hoola from Benefit, Bahama Mama from TheBalm or Chocolate soleil from Too Faced. And I always get lost on this issue, I love them all, for me they are all equally class, I could not choose any one.

But .. then I thought about it and decided to still compare them for you. To, if someone is thinking about what to buy, could rely on my review to make it easier for myself to choose 🙂

The review will not be biased. How can you be biased if all three members like the same, right? 🙂

Start with the packaging of Bahama Mama, Benefit Hoola & Soleil Bronzer 

Hoola and Bahama Mama have cardboard packaging, the Chocolate Soleil is plastic. All three, in my opinion, are very nice and cute.

I have no preference for the material of the packaging, but if you plan to wear a bronzer with you in your purse, the plastic will stand this test better.

Hoola I would not carry with me, his corners were rubbed off for a week lying in a cosmetic bag, which I did not carry with me. So this bronzer is more for storage on the table 🙂 In addition, it is not the most compact for a handbag.

Bahama Mama is not such a nezhinka, but still it’s cardboard, so it’s not worth much to torment, I think. Although it is more compact than Hoola and as a last resort, I think I can throw it in the purse 🙂

Hoola is the only bronzer in the package which does not have a mirror (this is an old version of the package, there are new ones in it), but there is a brush. True, this is not the best brush in the world for a bronzer, below you will see a photo 🙂

Other products mean you have a separate brush for the bronzer.


All three bronzers were purchased by me in America, so the prices will be called local.
Hoola – $ 28 for 11g of
Bahama Mama product – $ 19 for 7.08g of
Chocolate Soleil product – $ 29 for 10g of product.
It turns out that Chocolate Soleil is the most expensive, followed by Bahama Mama. The most budgetary is Hoola.

Review: Bahama Mama, Benefit Hoola bronzer and Too faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

All three shades are absolutely matte. They do not have any spangles, no small shimmers, no hint of gloss at all 🙂 This allows them to be good products not only for giving the tan shade to the person, but also for contouring.

In my opinion, the warmest is Chocolate soleil. Bahama mama is colder, exactly brown. Hoola is rather a warm color, but with some lighting can show that yellowish, then olive palate.

None of them was seen in the redhead on the cheeks. Although I suspect that Hoola and Chocolate Soleil on very fair-skinned girls can sin this. Bahama Mama will not be ginger, but you need to be very light with him, since he is the darkest of the three and there is a risk of imposing too much dark color, which of course is not desirable 🙂

On my dry skin, all three wear equally long.


Hoola is the softest and powderiest, can dust with a hard brush. Bahama Mama is also soft, but it seems that it is more compressed. Chocolate Soleil slightly more coarse grinding than the previous two bronzers, but this is felt only when you touch with your finger, when you apply a brush, the difference is no.


Hoola and Bahama Mama have no smell, Chocolate Soleil smells of chocolate and coconut. The manufacturer also assures that the composition of the bronzer really has a coconut.

Again, I equally love all three bronzer. But if you plan to choose one, then I hope that I made this choice easier for you.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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