There are many physical and psychological benefits that physical exercise offers on a regular basis and that have been extensively documented in the scientific literature. So much so, that the regular practice of physical exercise contributes greatly to the prevention of chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases, etc. In addition, it is also revealed as a fundamental factor for the significant improvement of performance and sexual pleasure.

In conclusion, hypopressive abdominal gymnastics after its constant practice, among many benefits, also contributes significantly to improving performance and sexual dysfunction. That is why on this occasion, we are going to talk to you about the 10 reasons that make abdominal gymnastics the ideal option to improve sexual dysfunction, without neglecting that we can also find the presence of a urinary infection or incontinence.

Benefits of hypopressive abdominal gymnastics in sexual dysfunction

In the next section I will talk about the most relevant benefits that abdominal gymnastics offers in sexual dysfunction.

Increased perineal awareness and proprioception of the area

Hypopressive exercise is characterized by visceral “suction”, which allows a decrease in pressure within the abdominal cavity and a decrease in ligamentous tension. therefore knowing how to control and work with the breath is important since the abdomen joins the diaphragm and it is important that the breath is done properly.

After the use of ultrasound in women who practiced hypopressive abdominal gymnastics, it was possible to observe in the behavior of the pelvic muscles, the uterus and the vagina, during the performance of the diaphragmatic aspiration, that the maneuver generates a variation of the angle between the uterus and the the vagina in relation to rest. This would confirm the fact that the application of these techniques is an ideal resource for local proprioceptive work of the pelvic floor.

A large and significant number of women have shown a worrying inability to contract their perineal muscles and even to correctly identify their genitals, this as a consequence of the low proprioception they have in this area, in addition to having body schemes that are not well formed. . To the point of knowing that 30% of women with dysfunction are unable to contract their pelvic muscles.

Therefore, it is extremely important to implement the practice of exercises or hypopressive abdominal gymnastics that have been shown to contribute or have a positive impact on improving awareness of the pelvic floor muscles and increasing sensitivity in conjunction with the conscious control of these muscles.
Working on these important aspects, with the practice of abdominal gymnastics, will provide favorable results that would considerably improve sexual dysfunction and pleasure.

Increased sexual desire

The decline after a certain age of some hormones responsible for producing sexual desire, such as testosterone, favors a decrease in sexual libido in both men and women.

This hormone can also be produced in response to the stress produced by physical exercise depending on the intensity, type of training and psychological factors of the individual, among others. As hypopressive abdominal gymnastics is a technique that represents a physical effort of medium-high intensity, which also requires extra effort due to the important muscle activation that produces the oxygen debt that manifests itself during training, so that breathing is seen a little forced, in addition to favoring the production of the testosterone hormone, which, consequently, would be associated with an increase in libido and sexual desire.

Decreased incidence of erectile dysfunction

The problem of erectile dysfunction is very common in men from a certain age. The lifestyle of the current population, in which sedentary lifestyle and obesity stand out, favors a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction, since both aspects are significantly associated with erectile dysfunction, and consequently, with a significant decrease in dysfunction sexual.

An adequate diet that prevents obesity together with a training plan such as the one offered by abdominal gymnastics, which allow the person to maintain a healthy lifestyle, would favor the appearance of erectile dysfunction as a preventive measure.

Production of hormones related to well-being and pleasure

Carrying out activities or physical exercise promotes the production of the hormone that is related to well-being and pleasure, endorphins. This hormone sends the body a message of pleasure, well-being and happiness. This hormonal response can be obtained by performing physical exercise or having sex. Two aspects with which hypopressive abdominal gymnastics is closely related.

Increased pelvic and genital blood supply

One of the largest vascular areas and with the largest sensitive endings in women are the genitals. Important studies have shown that increasing the vascularization of the area and the clitoral blood flow, allows a better transport of nutrients and oxygen, which consequently would translate into better sexual dysfunction and greater possibilities of experiencing sensations of pleasure.

Different studies have established that genital arousal is favored by practicing physical exercise prior to sexual activity. It is considered that physical training, by promoting increased blood flow in the genital area, is an excellent ally for achieving orgasm in women. Reason for which, abdominal gymnastics has a relevant importance in its practice as a measure to adequately increase the vascularization of the area.

Benefits offered by hypopressive abdominal gymnastics performed as a couple

Various studies have shown that the abdominal gymnastics technique is one of the physical exercise practices that offers the greatest advantages in increasing sexual desire and blood flow. Therefore, it would be recommended that the training be done as a couple, so that the training is more “sexual”.

In fact, hypopressive abdominal gymnastics consists of some postures and movements that need the accompaniment of the partner, since many of them are postures that are frequently adopted during the sexual act.

The cooperation and complicity that is obtained during the performance of the technique is similar to that which occurs during sexual intercourse. Therefore, the practice of this technique would favor and reinforce this important aspect of the sexual relationship.

Promotes the improvement of physical and respiratory parameters

Studies have shown that the postural and respiratory patterns of this type of hypopressive technique have a positive influence on the capacity of the respiratory muscles, and therefore on breathing, which is of great importance during the sexual act, in addition to improving physical performance, an aspect that it also contributes significantly in the sexual relationship.

Reduce stress

Stress is a factor that negatively affects different aspects of sexual life, producing consequences such as: inhibition of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction problems, premature ejaculation. in addition to significantly reducing the production of testosterone, a hormone closely related to sexual desire.

Hypopressive abdominal gymnastics favors the reduction of stress and anxiety levels, which would consequently improve the person’s mood and increase the production of hormones responsible for the sensation of well-being and sexual desire.

Increased self-esteem and body perception

In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, this technique is an ideal option to obtain aesthetic and postural improvements that allows patients to improve the perception of their self-concept and self-esteem. And if we add the aforementioned aspects to this, it would contribute even more to the practitioner’s sense of well-being and better self-perception.

This aspect is supported by various studies that have been carried out in both men and women and that have yielded satisfactory results, since they have shown a significant increase in self-esteem, personal care, a sense of well-being, improvements in sexual environment and positive personal perception.

Learn hypopressive exercises to work your abdomen

To finish and introduce you to this type of gymnastics, we present this video where you will see 3 variants of hypopressive exercises. Where they can observe how to work and perform the protocol properly.

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