Songs help You to lose weight More in the Gym

Knowing the secret to losing more calories and in record time is something that many crave. Like the Holy Grail, the recipe for perfect diet or exercise is something that seems not to have been found yet, although scholars and scientists are getting closer.

According to a study, the songs with more than 150 beats are perfect when it comes to ending those extra kilos. Synchronizing the movements of the body with the rhythm of the music makes the exercise more intense, especially if the music goes at that rate.

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And although at the time of launching into the world of ‘running’ they advise that the music goes up to 180, the truth is that according to experts and scientists the first number is the perfect one.

Apparently, synchronizing body movements with the rhythm of music causes more calories to be burned as the brain is deceived.

They say that people who follow a constant rhythm, regulate breathing by spending less energy which makes them more focused on the physical exercise they are doing. Thus, the body focuses on the main objective: to lose weight and burn.


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