The hidden feature in Android phones speeds up their performance

Thanks to the recent improvements in Android versions in recent years with the work of Android phone manufacturers to adapt their software and devices with the operating system.

The performance and speed of Android phones compared to what was in the first years of the launch of Android as an open source system, where then superior iPhone phones on the Android A vast difference in the consideration of performance and speed.

But now there is a convergence between iPhone and Android phones in performance and speed with a relative advantage of iPhone phones, but there is a way to make Android phones faster.

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The visual and adaptive effects are better in iPhone phones and have a side to make phone performance more fluid. We mean visual effects are the aesthetic movement that occurs when moving to and from the home screen, opening applications, etc.

The effect of such simple things on the speed and smoothness of mobility and performance, But the fact that it has a great impact, and beautiful that it can be modified its work on Android phones, but first must do “developer options.”

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Steps to speed up visual effects in Android phones

1. Go to Settings > About Phone (in Android Oreo: Settings> System> About Phone )
2. Down, click 7 consecutive times on the Build Number
3. Go back to the previous list, and you will find a list of “Developer Options” Look for the following options:

  • Window animation scale
  • Transition animation scale
  • Animator animation scale

4. For all the previous options, you will find the speed (1x), and you only have to reduce it by half by choosing (5x), Be sure to press the “half” (5x), And not double the five times (5x).

Do this experiment, and make sure you’ll notice a significant difference in speed.

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