How to save battery on your Android phone?

The battery in cell phones is the eternal headache for users, it does not matter if they are Android. If you still suffer from this, we give you some tips.

Cell phones can last longer than you think with good care. But something that you will never save is that the battery begins to give of itself after some time.

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So if your cell phone is indispensable in your day to day life and when it runs out of battery it is almost like death, take into account these tips to make it last a little longer.

GPS is your worst enemy on Android

The GPS of your cell phone is usually activated by default . If you want to save battery, deactivate it, since it is one of the functions that drain it the most.

Widgets? Better not

Widgets are quite useful, there’s no doubt about that. But not everything is happiness with them, especially speaking of those of the climate or that they have to be constantly updating themselves, they drain the battery. If you need to save, you can remove them for a while.

Mobile Battery Drain

No vibration and sound

Many Android phones (most) , have the option that every time you press a key or select something, the cell phone vibrates. And sound. Sure, it can be fun and flashy, but is it necessary? This undoubtedly annihilates your battery much faster than necessary.

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The shorter the screen’s wait time, the better

The best thing is that the screen does not stay on for a long time while you are not using the cell phone. You can configure how much time passes from when you stop using it until it goes out alone. Use the shortest time, so you will prevent your battery from going. Did you know that the screen on is the most often spend energy on smartphones?

Brightness, brightness

This is basic: the less brightness on the screen, the harder your battery. Do not use the automatic brightness that Android has by default; because it also spends a lot of energy. Simply use the least amount of brightness you can.

If you apply all these tips, you’ll probably have a couple more hours of drums; quite useful if you will be all day in the street without a plug at hand.

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