How to increase Battery life of iPhones and Samsung Smartphones

Mobile loading has its tricks to optimize its performance and extend its useful life. It is convenient to unearth myths such as the memory effect – let the battery run out completely before starting the recharge – that although with the old terminals it did happen, with the new ones it does not happen anymore. In fact, now it is not convenient that our smartphone is completely downloaded.

Fix Mobile Battery Drain Issues

The old mobiles worked with batteries of lead acid that had to be totally discharged before reloading them to maintain their performance, according to Samsung . The current lithium-ion batteries can now be recharged without needing them to be completely depleted.

The North Korean firm also dismantles another myth: that of putting the battery in the freezer to make it work better. If we do this, it can be damaged by the freezing and thawing process. In addition, moisture can contaminate the battery and cause a short circuit that will disable the phone.

Follow these tips to increase Battery life of Apple iPhone’s

Apple, for its part, explains that the useful life of a battery is related to the so-called ‘chemical age’, which depends not only on the passage of time, but also on factors such as the number of load cycles and the care of it.

Beware of temperature and covers

The apple company advises turning off the phone with the battery at half load if we are going to stop using the iPhone for a prolonged period of time and not leave it in excessively hot places . High temperatures can damage the capacity of the battery (the ideal temperature is between 16 and 22 degrees).

In addition, some cases cause excessive heat in the mobile, so if we notice that it gets too hot it is better to remove it when charging.

Update the software

Another recommendation from Apple to ensure optimal battery performance. Having the latest version of the operating system installed is key because it incorporates the latest energy saving technologies . This will lengthen the life of the battery and, therefore, the terminal.

Is it convenient to leave it charging all night?

This is a usual practice that we should not worry about. The current mobiles have technologies that prevent overheating due to excess load . Also keep in mind that smartphones stop the charging process once it is completed. Therefore, it is false that the mobile stays charging all night.

Official charger

Unofficial shippers can cause more than one headache. Loaders or cheap USB cables pose a risk not only to our mobile phone, but also to our security.

The original chargers have the technical requirements so that the battery does not deteriorate. The cables, on the other hand, must have a specific thickness and an adequate insulation so that electrical discharges do not occur.

Finally, remember that there are applications that can lead to excessive battery consumption. In this case, it is best to uninstall them.


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