WhatsApp video calls arrive on Instagram

Instagram ended up being one of the most renewed apps at the end of 2017, receiving many functions for its Stories or for the messaging service integrated in the platform.

In 2018 it seems that Facebook is still determined to completely change the application as we know it, now adding the same WhatsApp video calls.

If a couple of weeks ago were the GIFs the star content that came to the application, now the guys from WABetaInfo are “out of the pot” to talk about a novelty that has nothing to do with WhatsApp, at least in principle.

And it is the portal that is used to advancing the news that we will see in the messaging app who advances that in a few days we can make video calls on Instagram.

Following the path of WhatsAppwhatsapp-video-call

Currently, the Instagram team is working internally to add new features to the messaging service that we can find in the social network of photography.

It has already been speculated that the brand intends to launch Instagram Direct as a standalone application and seeing how Instagram chat now receives video calls, would not be unreasonable.

As we can see in the image that is placed on these lines, when accessing the messaging section a new icon will appear in the chat navigation bar, in the same way that we can see in WhatsApp.

As soon as you open a conversation with any user of the social network, you can make use of Instagram video calls. This implies that in order to make a video call, the receiver of the same must have accepted the chat request beforehand.

The same happens if we are the ones who receive it, we must first accept to have a conversation with the contact who wants to make a video call with us.

When you tap the camcorder icon in the top right of the chat, the video call will start. The feature is still under development so we do not know what differences will be presented by Instagram video calls with WhatsApp video calls.

It is likely that live effects can be applied to our calls, but considering that both applications are owned by Facebook, it would not be weird to see how exclusive features of Instagram video calls will also appear on WhatsApp after a while.



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