Pakistani Architect Ayaz Ahmed Karni Recreational Tourist Resort Project


Ayaz Ahmed Karni (born Novemver 9, 1992) is a Pakistani architect, based in Rawalpindi.

Ayaz Ahmed Karni (AAK) has been known for his creative Green Village vision and dedication to safety and aesthetics in all of his building designs for the past 8 years. He has had a hand in designing buildings for individual residences as well as commercial workplaces.

His designs emphasize maximum utilization of space, taking into account the placement of the sun in order to maximize aesthetic appeal and decrease energy consumption. His designs implement the newest and most innovative in engineered materials to minimize the impact on the environment while also decreasing operating costs.

Ayaz Ahmad Karni (AAK) obtained his Bachelors of Engineering in Architecture from the Comsats University Islamabad. He began his career in architecture as an intern in a private firm. where he analyzed the cost of materials as well as the load capacity of different materials in order to come up with the best combination of strength and value to stay within budget while also fulfilling the needs of the client, after that experience, He began to take larger projects, such as the design of entire buildings and complexes.

Ayaz Ahmed Karni demonstrated a keen eye for detail and for flexibility, designing his buildings to be able to accommodate a wide variety of changing needs. His eye for practicality as well as his inspiring designs have landed him contracts with large corporations.

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Ayaz Ahmed Karni AAK: Recreational Tourist Resort Overview

Tourism is one of the most important and profitable economic activities that generate income & create job opportunities. it is a combination of different industries such as hospitality, transportation, construction and entertainment etc.

This research evaluates the potential of Khanpur Dam situated in KPK, located near the town Khanpur on the road between Taxila and Haripur. It is surrounded by the beautiful Margalla Hills on one side and The Hills of Haripur and Hazara on the other side.

The Lake surrounds the site giving it beautiful views of water, hills and forest all around. it is a peaceful area and is close to nature with few built structures around.

The main Attraction of the site is a historic mosque built by the Rajas which is almost 150 years old. Study carried out is to design a Tourism Complex that renders as little impacts possible and makes good use of existing local resources.

AAK Architects Offices are:

Rawalpindi | Islamabad | Narowal | Lahore

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