Mavic Air flying Drone Comes with New Innovative Features

A little over a month ago, DJI presented the Mavic Air in Mexico City. We had the opportunity to try it and these are our impressions.

In January, DJI showed us for the first time its most recent drone: the Mavic Air in Mexico City. This drone is, essentially, an Ultraportable and folding aerial camera that not only fits in your pocket, but also offers excellent performance and intelligent functions.

While this drone is a great companion for photographers or film people; It is also designed for travelers or those who love outdoor activities.

Mavic Air: what you need in a small package

Mavic Pro is the predecessor of the Mavic Air. In a way, we could consider him his older brother; which has also been highly praised by critics since its launch. On the other hand, we have the Spark, a small and intelligent drone that is the favorite of many. The Mavic Air is a mix of the best of each.

One of the advantages that I found in this drone is that it is really easy to transport: it fit in my handbag without the need to load a suitcase. The Air, in addition to being small, has arms that can be bent to make it even smaller and the propellers are arranged in such a way that it is difficult to damage them in transport.

A powerful flying camera

The camera of this drone, obviously, films UHD 4k video at 30 fps. It also has a maximum bit rate of 100 Mbps. It also records video in slow motion at 1080p and at 120 fps. You can also capture panoramic images of 32 MP. But let’s leave the technical side for a moment.

The reality is that the Air’s camera is one of the best I’ve found in drones. You will not have problems to capture images from a distance; although there is something you should keep in mind, it is not very good in low light of course, daytime images will leave nothing to be desired, especially in open places.


The Quickshot flight modes are, as the brand emphasizes, quite intuitive. Really in this area there is not much to say: you get what you promised. To use them, connect your cell phone to the control with the previously installed and connected app. Really, in my opinion; Having the application on your cell phone, you will not miss control.

The obstacles are not an obstacle

Unless you’re a professional on drone flight; I’m pretty sure that, like me, flying one puts your nerves on edge. It is not an economic gadget and the idea of crashing it against a tree is definitely present and it is terrifying.

DJI knows this, and that’s why the Air has, like other company drones; a sensor that not only detects obstacles, but also avoids them . This without the need for the pilot to do absolutely nothing. It is a function that will give you security when lifting the drone in the air.

You can handle it without fears

The obstacle sensor is not the only advantage of the Mavic Air. In fact, for those afraid of flying a drone (yes, also like me), I have good news for you: raising an Air is the easiest thing in the world. And land it too.

To make it take off you just have to press a button on the app and that’s it, no more. The drone takes off and subsequently remains levitating about one meter from the ground. From there, you are the one in control.


Move it either with the app or control to where you want; in fact his movements are quite smooth and it will be difficult for you to be taken by surprise or lose control of the situation. Also from the app you can operate the camera and see what your drone is seeing at that moment.

Battery life

This is one of the aspects that I liked the least. If you are going out with the Mavic Air, better take a power bank, because each battery lasts the battery only about 15 minutes. It may be that you do not need more; but it can also be that it does.

15 minutes is what a satisfactory flight takes on average. You know up, far, shots of everything, videos, photos. I would certainly love it to last a little longer. Keep this in mind when you go out with your vacation drone. take as many batteries as you can.

Value for money

In this area it will be difficult to appear soon a drone that wins the Mavic Air. It’s not the cheapest DJI (that’s the Spark); but it really is one of the best. And for the price (approximately 1, 117 dollars to 1, 370 dollars , depending on the package you buy).

As you can see, it is not the most expensive either, considering that it comes in a package with batteries, propellers, propeller covers, etc; depending on the money you want to spend.


The Mavic Air is an excellent drone. Maybe the best DJI has right now. The best thing is that it does not matter if you are a professional drone pilot, photographer; You are in the film industry or you are a beginner : for all you have. Leaving aside the battery life, if you are looking for a new flying gadget to film your adventures, you have found it.

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