Nokia 3310 4G Update Design, Exterior and Internal Specifications

The Nokia 3310 4g, was one of the surprises of the past MWC , despite the number of smartphones that were presented at the Barcelona fair. Now, facing the next telephony event the mobile receives a new facelift after HMD launched a Nokia 3310 with 3G connectivity.

Then there was already a way to install WhatsApp on the Nokia 3310 3G, and now it is expected that the same thing will happen with the Nokia 3310 4G that the Finnish company has just officially presented in China.

As its name suggests, the main novelty of this model compared to other variants of the Nokia 3310 marketed previously is that this time the phone can be connected to all kinds of LTE networks.

What you can do with the Nokia 3310 4G

Like the first version of the Nokia 3310 from 2017, the phone has a 2 mpx camera, an audio minijack and a microUSB charging system for a battery that offers up to 22 hours of talk and 12 days (in Stand By).

Again we have a 2.4 inch color screen and an internal memory of 512 MB, although this space can be expanded with MicroSD cards up to 64 GB.

Its dimensions are 117 x 52.4 x 13.35 mm and its weight is 88.1 grams. The main novelty of the mobile is its 4G connectivity and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

However, what can we do with a phone with these features even if it is compatible with LTE networks?

You can take pictures with your 2 mpx camera and send them by MMS to your friends, although there is also a way to install WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Although YunOS (the operating system of the Nokia 3310) does not allow compatibility with Android apps, you can download WhatsApp Lite in .jar file and use it in your mobile, although this version lacks support.

In addition, among the new features of the Nokia 3310 4G we have the ability to use the phone as a WiFi point and connect to it from another device.

The phone will be presented internationally, ​​but we will not know its price until then. At the moment all we can say is that the Nokia 3310 4G will hit stores in blue and black.

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