Samsung: “Being the first will not be important for us from now on”

DJ Koh in the presentation of the Galaxy S9. Samsung is being, as expected, one of the stars of MWC 2018.

As every year that presents new products, whether these are very innovative or very little, the South Korean company monopolizes much of the conversations during the days of the fair, because in addition to the initial presentation there are more topics to discuss around the technological giant. One of them, of course, are the future plans of the brand, both long and short term.

The head of the mobile area of ​​the firm, DJ Koh, who this morning confirmed the arrival of a premium smart speaker by the company during the second half of 2018, gives some clues as to what the future of Samsung could be. First, and what affects more directly to what we have seen at the Mobile World Congress , says that from the company expect strong sales of the Galaxy S9-above those of the S8 , in response to a strong campaign marketing that accompanies a launch that will take place earlier than last year.

The presence of Samsung as a high-end manufacturer has been increasing in recent years, positioning itself as the unquestionable reference in Android with an advantage in terms of sales that, of course, aspire to increase.

Samsung introduces the new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus #MWC2018

Although it is true that the market, in general, did not expect to see a great leap forward with this new generation of the S range, the little aesthetic change is something that, historically, has pushed back many potential consumers at the time of buying or not a terminal. If they manage to increase annual sales with this model, it will be great news for the South Koreans and a sample that the interest of the market is not always fixed in the aesthetic.

Less hurry, more quality

If there is one topic that is repeated constantly to the vast majority of mobile manufacturers (and has been used many times to define the strategy of Samsung) is to value more being the first to put a product on the street than the quality end of it . Koh says now that this is over

We were obsessed with being the first worldwide and industry, instead of thinking how that innovation could be meaningful for consumers.

A promise of the future that concludes with finality:

Being the first will no longer be important from now on, and our strategy is to launch something that consumers believe is meaningful and valuable at the right time.

This, by the time it arrives, may mean that we will not finally see a phone with a folding screen this year, one of the most interesting promises of the company for the future of mobile telephony. In any case, the Galaxy S9 itself is a sign that can not be surprised constantly year after year.

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