Switch: Nintendo can finally fix the Joy-Con which is out of sync

Nintendo has apparently isolated the problem affecting some Joy – Con left. A manufacturing defect is at the origin and a simple intervention can repair the few copies that are affected.

Shortly after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, several users complained out of sync with the Joy-Con worries, worries affecting mainly the model on the left (blue if you opted for the coloured versions). Initially, the manufacturer gave investment advice in order to prevent any problems of interference with the technology Bluetooth, then advised players to contact the after-sales service. Ultimately, in columns of CNET, he officially communicated on the subject about a few cases isolated and, a priori, belonging to the past.

 A (minor) concern of manufacturing

Without any form of fear-mongering, Nintendo says, ” he not there no problem of design with the Joy-Con shifters, and there is no major operation of replacement or repair to the order of the day. A variation of manufacturing is a concern for interference with a low amount of Joy-Con left originally. It is now ancient history since such variation has been corrected in the factories.

If ever your Joy-Con left does not work properly, simply connect service. Nintendo, which will support free of repair simply to place a small piece of black foam conductive, is designed with nickel, either with copper, with a mixture of the two, in order to better protect the antenna Bluetooth interference assumed the origin of the mismatch. The Japanese firm says that intervention requires less than a week of waiting. But only time will tell if it is thought to last in time.

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