Top 10 Best New Movies of 2018 so far

Movies are lined up in order of greatness, so 1, is the best so far and 10 is the worst from the best…although, as I’ve checked it is to be released around 13 479 titles in 2018 worldwide, it would be impossible to see them all ;). You would need around 556 days to see them, and as you know there is only 365 in year, so as everyone I pick and choose. I tried to pick the best, and the ones which I’ve already watched. Let’s start with movies shall we?

1. “Avengers: Infinity War” released on 04-23-2018

Avengers Infinity War Movie Poster
Directed by : Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

This movie was really a feast for eyes, If you are fan of any Marvel Hero, you will feel like warm welcomed in nice villa sitting in cozy chair, while watching Avengers: Infinity War. Lot of special effects…only special effects, well maybe – but this is movie made for entertainment, and as such I treat it.

When it comes to plot it is a bit of complicated it time and places, yet in the end all is obvious, I must get this movie on Blu-Ray, and watch it again. To be able to see it in theater was for me the best spent time so far.

There are also good news, this one being the third movie about Avengers – they are planning to continue – in 2019 will be fourth, so we can expect something blasting again.

2. “Deadpool 2” released on 05-10-2018

Deadpool 2 Movie Poster
Directed by : David Leitch

How come? Movie, sequel – here ? Yes, but not “any sequel” it is one of the funniest, dirtiest movie with superheroes out there. Here I could finish my opinion, but there is more. As you are watching it is constantly dirty and constantly funny … till the end – mine or Deadpool. Yest straight from the studio that killed Wolverine, we can expect something refreshing.

Ryan Reynolds (it is probably him, because most of the time he wears mask;)), did his best. I hope we will be able to see him in some other projects soon.

Who has seen first Deadpool will be pleased, sequel still has it. I am bit afraid because of Deadpool 3, but time will tell, possibly in 2019.

3. “Christopher Robin” released on 08-03-2018

Christopher Robin Movie Poster
Directed by : Marc Forster

A.A.Milne has written a novel, very good novel. It was back in 10-14-1926. Movie released in 2018 is just beautiful; it has fulfilled all of my childhood memories of fantastic book and story about a Hundred Acre wood and its inhabitants. This new story is settled in England.

Ewan McGregor plays main character, Christopher Robin. This is great movie to watch with kids and trough interesting plot it forces us to think about life.

Thanks to the story it may help us to define what is important in life and maybe – where is nowhere, or how good is sometimes to do noting or even to get lost.

4. “Skyscraper” released on 07-13-2018

Skyscraper Movie Poster
Directed by : Rawson Marshall Thurber

Thank you Mr Rock, that move into the movies was a good move. It is said that” …movie should start with airplane crash, and then the tension should rise…” – pretty much this is the case.

Here (some say clone of “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis), fire is great, Mr Rock is great and Skyscraper is great. Lot of people says that this movie predictable, cheap in every way and not worth seeing – not me.

I had good time with it, tension rises till the end. I almost wanted to buy myself a pack of duct tape, and you wouldn’t understand it unless you’ll see the Skyscraper.

5. “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again” released on 07-16-2018

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Movie Poster
Directed by : Ol Parker

I am not really in musicals, and especially done as sequels. Basically, I do not like actors singing…but here in “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”, we have got nice singing, funny plot and even … Cher, yes the diva is here and she is ready to entertain us.

It is good move to go cinema and be pretty sure to not be scared or frightened during watching it. Just calm down, relax and watch, possibly with family or girlfriend/boyfriend…anyone close to you. Of course you can feel free to sing along all the best hits, starting from Mamma Mia (ABBA) 😉

6. “The Happytime Murders” released on 08-24-2018

The Happytime Murders Movie Poster
Directed by : Brian Henson

No sesame. All street – they say. I do agree anyone who ever watched sesame Street, must see this movie. Son of Mr Jim Henson, did great job as a Director and Producer.

This movie is funny and can be recommended as a nice relief after not very well made productions.

I was brought in front of screen because of pedigree and name of Henson, but there is a lot of other reasons to do it. It is definitely not for kids, despite fact that Muppets are there – they behave and play very dirty. This is funny movie for grownups 😉

7. “Upgrade” released on 06-14-2018 (Australia)

Upgrade Movie Poster
Directed by : Leigh Whannell

Sci-Fi, another one ? Yes this ranking is mine and I dare it. It is not only Sci-Fi, it is mainly fast/a bit of funny/kind of horroristic/action movie. Logan Marshall-Green played well the main character and he is driven, and driven well.

I dare also you to take a look on Upgrade … it may be useful in future 😉 you can be expected to be thrown away, and on top of that plot of the movie isn’t so obvious.

I really had good time with this movie, just grab some snacks, hit the play button and be Upgraded.

8. “Ready Player One” released on 03-11-2018

Ready Player One Movie Poster
Directed by : Steven Spielberg

Ready Player One is the movie I was waiting for a long time. It is really great, special effects are awesome and plot keeps the pace. Thanks to the fast computers development and of the edge graphics, now we can go deeper into games world than it was possible with TRON (from 1982) Young actors will take you to the “not very friendly” future, and if you ever played Pac-Man or any other game, especially on arcades, you will suddenly feel like in home wanting to become that Player One with the highest score.

To take it short – watchable/ funny/ great cinematics. What can you expect from Mr Spielberg – only the best fun, but why it is only on the 8 position of this list, well the most important is that it is on this list.

9. “Black Panther” released on 01-29-2018

Black Panther
Directed by : Ryan Coogler

I know, I did pushed it too far, another movie from Marvel Universe, but this one is different…well… almost. To be honest it is quite similar to the others, thanks to that we more or less know what to expect.

I don’t know why Marvel is releasing movie after movie (I can only suppose – that it is because of money…;)), but they still doing it great.

Because of well-chosen cast, it was pleasure to see big black cats leaping and then seek for punishment. This move brings up memories of Catwoman with Halle Berry…but…wait …it is DC Comics…not Marvel…how come ?

10. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” released on 05-10-2018

Solo A Star Wars Story Movie Poster
Directed by : Ron Howard

Tenth movie in this selection. I grew up with Star Wars, I slept under Star Wars quilt, I even ate Star Wars cereals…not mentioning playing in Star Wars PC games.

It was all, the universe created by Mr George Lucas, has really influenced civilization pop culture and even language itself…just don’t behave like a Wookiee and watch it.

This movie is better than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it is much more watchable, despite lacking Mr Harrison Ford (currently in age of 76), it was fun as always. What is also important, “The Star Wars Holiday Special” is far worse than “Solo: A Star Wars Story”





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