7 Best Ways to Keep Young and Healthy Skin Forever

There are many factors that cause our skin to age prematurely. 25% of this process is caused by genetics, but we still have 75% left that we can control.

Seven Young and Healthy Skin Forever Tips

1) Eat Well

It avoids the consumption of sugar , it affects very negatively our health and also that of our skin. When entering the bloodstream, it attacks collagen and Elastin, proteins responsible for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of our skin.

Try not to consume simple carbohydrates such as those contained in soft drinks, white rice and bread, they become sugar as soon as they enter our body.

If you fancy a sweet you can eat a piece of dark chocolate , which is also a powerful antioxidant and help you fight the damage caused by free radicals.

Eat foods rich in vitamin C , it will help you generate collagen.

Take food supplements if necessary.

2) Use Facial Cosmetics

Creams, serums and face masks are not a luxury, but a necessity if we want our skin to be really nourished. The younger we start using them, the better.

3) Sleep Well

Sleeping is the best way to oxygenate the skin to reverse the damage caused by free radicals during the day. When the sleep is reduced, the complexion suffers.

During the break is when we regenerate tissues and cells.

4) Combat Stress

When stressed or under pressure, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which damages collagen and Elastin.

Leave work in the office and at home enjoy your family and your hobbies. Participating in activities that we like helps reduce stress.

5) Do Exercise

Regular exercise helps oxygenate the skin and when we sweat we eliminate toxins.

In addition, practicing exercise also helps reduce stress.

6) Clean the Skin

Clean the skin of the face twice a day, in the morning and at night, to release the skin and pores from any type of dirt and contamination to which we have been exposed.

7) Protect Yourself from the Sun

Use sunscreen daily. Many day creams are incorporated into its formulation. The sun is one of the factors that pass more bill to our skin.

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